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Binh Tay Market

"China Town's times convenient market is twice the size of Ben Thanh market, similar design to the clock tower but on two floors.
However, most sellers are wholesalers so great if you want x 12 bras, 20 pairs of Crocs etc. . . but well worth a visit. The environment is also vibrant."

The Binh Market

          The Binh Tay Market - is one of the oldest markets in Ho Chi Minh City. The market is open from 3am to 10pm and is full of hustle and bustle bringing in goods, selling and buying. You will get the cheapest price for an item at night or early in the morning, but you will probably still be in your bed.
This market is not only an important trading place, but also one of the main destinations for local people to do their shopping and for tourists who want to observe local life.
Binh Tay Market was built by the French in the 1880s.

The market has 12 additional entrances and 1 main entrance (see the photo), which leads directly to the Cholon bus station, which is extremely convenient for transporting purchased goods. Moreover, another distinctive point of this market is that there is a large space in the middle of the market, which is surrounded on the first floor by shops. There are fishing ponds and several stone chairs around the market.
There are two different areas to visit Binh Tay market: the outer wet market street (wet market) and the inner part of the market (dry market). The wet market is really wet on the floor, because they want to keep fish and vegetables wet. On the "wet market" you can certainly see the chaotic and energetic atmosphere of the market. Fish, meat, vegetables and fruit are sold here. To be more precise, early in the morning you can witness the locals doing their shopping and it is cheaper.


Moreover, the covered, inner part of the market offers a great experience. Compared to the fresh "wet market" outside, it is quiet inside, where a wide range of items are also sold, but especially the dried and preserved types of products. You can also find many items made in China such as medicinal herbs, toys, sweets and other items.

The first floor

If you are a food lover, you can enjoy local cuisines with a wide variety of food here. In the early morning you can enjoy a type of breakfast including noodles, spring rolls, broken rice and Chinese delicacies. Take for example 'banh bao', a steamed bun with many ingredients such as onions, pork or chicken meat, mushrooms and herbs.
Moreover, "street food" is also a good choice. You can go to a long line of sellers here. Binh Tay Market has long been a favorite breakfast spot of the locals with hundreds of food stalls, selling Vietnamese staples ranging from the beginning to the end of the market, including Pho, Bun Bo Hue (with rice noodles, beef, pork sausage, spices and spices, and a broth with salt, sour and spicy), Goi Cuon (spring rolls), Banh Beo, Com Ga (chicken rice) or Com Tam (broken rice) and delicacies with Chinese influences such as Man Thau (steamed buns with pork or chicken , onions, eggs, mushrooms and vegetables).

Shoes from China

Many sell take-out or food for delivery from vendors in other markets, but most have a few small tables or bar tops where you can eat delicious food on the spot. Enjoy your meal!
The best time to wander around Binh Tay Market is in the morning, when the locals come for breakfast and buy fresh food and household items.

From a travelogue:

"My hotel was close to Ben Thanhmarkt. So have been here several times. All the more fun to walk to the Thai Binhmarkt via a number of beautiful parks, where everyone is active. The market itself is much smaller than Ben Thanhmarkt. The advantage is that I was considerably cheaper for a beer here than at the Ben Thanhmarkt. So I was clearly faked there before and I haven't been back after that."


Wet Market


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